All these classes are for reception age children and above, for children who are not school age please see the under 5'section  -

Please note most classes are full, and you may need to go on the  waiting list -  please fill the form in on the How to join page or text your childs  name, school year, DOB and contact details to be added to the list.

General Classes


These classes are where your child will start they career in the sport. They will learn the fundamentals of the sport, and progress according to thier ability. These classes offer the children to try many different aspects of the sport, including artisitic, sports acrobatics, tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics at a foundation level. Every member has the opportunity to compete in the annual club championships and work on the British Gymnastics badge scheme. 

Tuesday 4.00-5.00 Bridging class 4-5yrs FULL
  4.30-5.30 level 1


  5.30-6.30 level 2 6-10 yrs FULL


Level 3+ 9+ yrs FULL




Wednesday 4.30-5.30 Level 1 5-8 yrs FULL
  5.30-6.30 Level 2 6-10 yrs FULL
  6.30-7.30 Newbies + level 2 9+ yrs FULL




Thursday 4.00-4.45 level 1 5-8 yrs


  5.00-6.30  Fast Track

4+ yrs

  6.30-7.30 Level 2/3

8+ yrs

  8.00-9.30 Structured Adults class Over 17-102 yrs  


Friday 4.30-5.30 Level 1 4-8 yrs FULL
  5.30-6.30 Level 2 6+ yrs FULL
  6.30-7.30 Level 3 8+ yrs FULL
  7.30-9.00 Teens Advanced Teens  


Saturday 9.00-9.45 Pre-school 3-4 yrs FULL
  9.30-10.30 Bridging class 4-5yrs FULL
  10.00-11.00 Level 1 4-8 yrs FULL
  10.30-11.30 Level 1 Advanced 5-9 yrs FULL
  11.00-12.00 Level 2  5 - 10 yrs FULL
  11.30-12.30 Level 2 Advanced

6-11 yrs

  1.30-3.00 Fast track 4+ years FULL


level 3+ 8+ yrs FULL



Class Levels.


Pre-school - for children not yet at full time school.


Bridging class - For children who are reception age - and very good introduction class for the youngsters to start in before the go to the level 1 class.


Level 1 - Each level has a basic and advanced structure - the skill set for the levels is available as a download - see below. Children will learn the fundamental skills of gymnastics in these classes.


Level 2 - For children who know the basics and can perform the basics skills in level 1 without being shown it first. The can bridge and cartwheel competently, feel confident on the equipment, beam, bars, vault, p-bars.


Level 3 - Children will have needed to attend more than one class a week to get to this level in order to progress to the harders skills. Children learn to tumble, aerial, perform complex skills on the equipment and routines. This level requires strength and flexibilty.


Fast Track - This class is for children under 10  who show a keen interest in the sport and possess the correct physical attributes to suceed at the higher level of the sport.

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