No new home for SGC

Dear Members.
So far we have not been able to secure a new home, so this will be the last week of classes. I would like to apologise that i did not find a suitable location to secure the future of the club.. I am heartbroken that many of the children will not be able to find new clubs due to the lack of facilities in the immediate area, and the clubs that are local do have waiting lists so please feel free to find a new club for your child.
Please sign our e-petition in order for the council to have a debate - we need 1500 signatures and you need to live, work or be educated in Slough. Since the club counts as phyiscal education you may need to state that when you vote.
I have not given up
time-line below
more info on the news page of the website
     Summer 2016 - Being aware of our limited time frames - investigated new sites.
January 2017 - Contacted the Leisure department  of Slough Borough Council in regard with the news that we would need to find a new home within 12 months
Feb 2017 -  Updated them on the type of facility that we would need, and gave feedback on the progress i had made since the meeting.
March 2017 -  June 2017 - frequent phone calls to the councils asking about any updates.
June 2017 - Having followed up their suggestions of locations,  visiting and emailing local parish's about building or relocation to thier sites came to a dead end, contacted them again asking if they had any other suggestions.  
Nov 2017 - Further  meetings and conversations as we got the news that we had an end date in Buckingham Avenue. Members of the council came to our facility so that they could understand the scale of our needs.
Dec 2017 - Panic setting in as no solution can be found. More meetings with Segro and the council in order to progress. Enquired about Montem.
Jan 2018 - More Council members visit, news that we can relocate into Montem Sports Centre, not ideal due to the noise, but the council stated that they "wanted to build us a gym" by extending an exsisting venue. Hooray!
April 2018 - Move into Montem and invest £30,000 to make the space as high quality as we could, with the notion the new equipment would be used in the new centre. 
Summer 2018 - Members of the council, architects come to the gym to discuss our needs and plans are drawn up.
Autumn term 2018 - news comes that planning has been turned down, and that there is no where we can build.They made an offers of a building that was not suitable, it was not big enough to fit the floor area, and a very high rent £95,000 meant we were not able to accept them.
December 2018 - Further meetings with SBC, stating that after the emails of support they had received, resulted with them saying that they wanted to keep the club going in Slough, and they would look into buying a warehouse for me to rent. (sadly no suitable buildings are available to buy) 
Jan 2019 - A meeting that resulted with me breaking down into tears as they said there was nothing the could do.
Feb 2019 - to date. I am currently emailing SBC on a daily basis hoping to prove that we are worth investing in.

We need your help to secure a new home.


Desperate times require desperate measures - Tell all the members of the council how you feel....... your children are supposed to be the number 1 priority in their mission statement.


Outcome 1: Slough children will grow up to be happy, healthy and successful

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Tan Dhesi – Local MP -


James Swindlehurst – Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Strategy -


Ketan Gandhi - Head of Wellbeing and Community at Slough Borough Council  -


Robert Anderson - Cabinet Member for Environment & Leisure -


Thank you for taking the time to do this, the more of you that contact them, the more chance we have in finding a new home.


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